Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A Windy Day at Pea Island

Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge, Cape Hatteras, North Carolina

Stop 8 of the VolunTOUR

Our visit to the Outer Banks of North Carolina allowed us to get a glimpse into the world of the winged and those that care for them. Large Ospreys and their young greeted us at Pea Island from high atop their perches constructed through the helping hands of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and their tremendous volunteers. Ospreys were not the only creature that calls Pea Island home though, dozens of birds, fish and animals make this Outer Banks treasure a special place. We had the honor of presenting a large group of volunteers with Take Pride in America®, Secretarial, and Presidential Volunteer Service Awards. We met a lot of passionate folks that volunteer their time for this island, and though we give them awards based on recorded volunteer hours, the impact of their service is immeasurable.

This group of dedicated volunteers represents over 30,000 volunteer hours! Their excitement and devotion to helping improve our public lands is admirable. A special thanks goes out to volunteer coordinator, Abbey Reibel (who is a volunteer herself!) and Bonnie Strawser.

The volunteers honored with Take Pride in America Hours of Service Awards are listed below. Click here for more information on our awards program.

Presidential Bronze Award
Peggy Eubank, James Fauth, Tommy Fulcher, Georgia Griffiths, Rich Griffiths, Win Jacques, Lehanne Kidd, Waverly Reibel, Marlene Schumm, Bill Slayton, Laura Wolke, Carol Thompson, Russell Thompson, Ann Bishop, and Glenn Moore

Presidential Silver Award
Sue Carroll, Angie Brady-Daniels, Chuck Jochen, David Kuyper, Patty Kuyper, Jay Ross, Ron Scovell, Sandy Semans, and Julie Truhlar

Presidential Gold Award
John Gilson, Laura Gilson, Dee Hardham, Debbie Mauney, Ryan Nordsven, Bob Teagarden, Bill Voegtli, and Ken Wynne

The Take Pride Bronze Award
Bill Ackiss, Larry Hardham, Ron Marchand, Neal Moore, and Lee Yoder

The Take Pride Gold Award
Pat Moore, and Stew Whittle

The Secretarial Volunteer Service Award
Bob Glennon

The Presidential Lifetime Volunteer Service Award
Warren Davis

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