Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Scott is Hot!

Scott Middle School, Scott, Louisiana

Stop 3 of the VolunTOUR

Happy Earth Day! There wasn't a better place to spend Earth Day than at Scott Middle School. These students were pumped up for a school grounds clean up. Initially 100 students signed up, but to our surprise when we showed up there were nearly 200 students ready and waiting to get to work! Projects included trash removal, leaf raking, lawn edging, trimming bushes, planting flowers and trees. It was a big job, but with so many eager students the work went fast. Tools and supplies were donated to the school by the local Home Depot and Lowes...so a big thank you goes out to them for their support.

The students had a good time working together in beautifying their school grounds. Teacher, Ryan Martin, organized the days event and is working hard to instill the message of citizen stewardship in the students of Scott Middle School.

Thank you to the students and teachers of Scott Middle School for driving home the importance of caring for our public lands...especially on a day like today!

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Anonymous said...


Just getting a chance to comment on the Blog!!!! I know it has been a long time since but we are getting ready for another school year and another year with Take Pride in America. I cannot tell you how excited the kids are and the teachers as well. We look forward to working with you again and save us a spot on VolunTour 2009. Thanks so much for your assistance.

Ryan Martin