Friday, July 10, 2009

San Diego River Clean-Up, Mission Valley, California

The San Diego River Park Foundation's Clean & Green Team saw 216 volunteers turnout for their June 27th cleanup at the California Fish & Game's Preserve in Mission Valley. The volunteers collected 5,000lbs of trash and an assortment of recyclables materials that included 13 tires and 4 cubic yards of mixed recyclables like: aluminum cans, bottles, and cardboard; and several bags containers with oil products and aerosol cans. Unique items found at this cleanup were: a large blow-up swimming pool, a mattress and box spring set, empty propane tank and barbeque grill. This area of the river is in a dense urban setting. This event was co-sponsored by Pepsi, I Love A Clean San Diego, the Union Bank of California, California Fish & Game, and REI.

Also, at their June 13th Cleanup at the Mission Valley Preserve’s Cottonwood Grove site they had 83 volunteers turnout, and they helped remove 4,700 pounds of trash.

To date, 41,300 pounds (or 20.65 Tons) of trash have been removed from this watershed since October 2008. Wow!


HedgeLender said...

great job guys

Anonymous said...

The San Diego River Foundation is such a cool organization! They do such great work along the watershed. It is so vitally important to keep this River Valley ecologically-sound. This is the environmental heritage we will be leaving to our children. Thanks again to all the volunteers! Go Green team!

Roy kamen said...

I just commented on another blog about this. I take my kids to help clean up our town's river every spring. Its a great way to teach "service" to the younger generation. The look on their faces when they see nature unfolding is fabulous. The youngest screamed when she saw her first frog hop out from a pile of debris we were clearing.