Friday, February 27, 2009

San Diego River Park Foundation

Volunteers with the San Diego River Park Foundation removed 1,200 pounds of trash from the San Diego River. Interesting items included a
waterlogged punching bag, bike frame, car battery and burned lounge
chair. Below Shannon Quigley, the Field Operations Associate from the San Diego River Park Foundation, shares some of the highlights.

Marissa and her Dad Ricardo came to help clean up the San Diego River
because Marissa is very conscious of trash and she loves animals and
nature. Ricardo said that Marissa picks up trash wherever they go. Ricardo
thought volunteering with the San Diego River Park Foundation Clean and Green
team would be a great opportunity to satisfy her desire to clean up the
environment. Along with numerous other trash items Marissa and her Dad
found this old rusted bike frame near the river and pulled it out. Great job
Marissa, the San Diego River is definitely cleaner because of your

Alan and Brigit are two of our newest volunteers. Alan is a senior and
San Diego High School. After high school he wants to pursue a degree in
Environmental Engineering. Alan volunteers with the clean-up events
and other River Park activities because of the experience he gains. Brigit
was at the Mission Valley Preserve a week before and noticed how dirty the
area was, she volunteered to help remove the trash and get the area clean so
her walks can be more enjoyable. Alan and Brigit found a lounge chair in
the San Diego River. The two worked together to bring it to shore.


jhess56 said...

Man that's inspiring!I do that sort of thing all the time when I'm about walking through the woods or in parks.Gotta keep the world beautiful and I admit it irks me to see people abusing Nature with their garbage...God bless.

catherine said...

It's really heart touching seeing people care. Most people been busy finding ways to earn money, while others to gain power, they have no time to look around and see what's going on around them.
Its never a bad choice giving some time to beautify our surroundings.

AlbertF said...

It's heart warming to see how much the community can do and how much they care. People should be more volunteerly and not always have on their conscious that it is only one piece or trash or it's JUST a tree.