Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A Highlander High

The second Take Pride in America Toyota Voluntour has been our most ambitious event to date and we got some strange looks when we told people we were driving from Houston, Texas to Washington, D.C., via the gulf coast and eastern shore. And I can tell you after making that long drive, that there isn't any other way to travel than in a Toyota Highlander Hybrid!

We drove 3,473 miles over 18 days and saw beaches, bridges, battleships and plenty of open road. The navigation system came in handy...especially the feature that calculates how long your drive will be (we had to do some planning to be sure to be back to the hotel in time to watch American Idol!)

Thank you to Toyota and to everyone who worked hard in making this tour happen. We enjoyed our ride!

Check out photos of the Highlander on the road.

Check out Toyota's "Open Road Blog."

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